Aroma Restaurant

405 20th St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 6X6, Canada

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    Nathan Sanchez
    May 11, 2022

    First off, if you're looking for a qood quality meal with great selection of different dishes, this is a great place to eat. My wife and I ordered a steak and fried and I ordered the Montreal smoked meat sandwich with fries. Both dishes cooked well but the steak was on the overcooked side. Good helping of food to leave you feeling satisfied. Now the reason for 3 stars. The waitress attending our table was extremely slow. We were there for a mother's day celebration with 8 people on the Saturday but there was nearly NO ONE in the restaurant. Maybe 2 other tables aside from ours. There was 4 drinks that were ordered and it took 45 mins for the drink to finally come out. By this time, she hasn't even taken our order. We tried to stay as patient as possible but once we notice an hour has gone by without any food coming out, we notice another table that came after us already ordered and had there food before us. They were another table of 5 and came approx 15-20 mins AFTER we arrived. Once the food finally came out, our mothers order was still wrong and we politely requested to unfortunately send it back and have the correct dish made. The waitress then made a comment saying "I'm pretty sure you said *this dish*, but I'll get it changed anyways..." in a bit of a irritable kind of way. We are open to coming back and trying other dishes but hopefully we can get a different server for are pleasant experience. Will update if we head back to Aroma again.

    Ada Andina
    August 02, 2022

    I didn't expect this but it actually happened yesterday 😳 First , I went there to grab 2pizza and their steak with fries for pick up, was really disappointed that the chef stuffed the steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables in the same box.... so I decided to call back and the lady at the bar did something veryyyyyy out of ordinary. She said on phone "I'm so sorry for everything and after my shift ,I will personally come drop you off your full plate in different boxes at your house" . I was kind of hoping it wasn't just talking. Around 10:30pm she actually came to my door with everything way more organized than I ever wanted. She is the best 👌 👍 overall, I think food is 80% of satisfaction but 20% the service and she did gived me more than her 100%. I really appreciate that also pizza was to die for 😍 (I was way to hungry to take the last picture with steak 😋)

    December 14, 2021

    Usually come for Wednesday pizza nights, but checked out breakfast this time. Had the open faced breakfast sandwich served with potatoes and hollandaise on the side -- simple but done oh so right! Such friendly staff too early in the morning!

    Joloraine Naeg
    July 22, 2022

    The combination of fig and pig pizza is one of the best - salty and sweet! The recent renovations look amazing!

    Kirsten Sarmiento
    August 21, 2022

    They forgot to ring our order in and prioritized people who came in after us. The waitress who forgot to ring in our order didn’t even bother to face us and to apologize, the manager apologized on her behalf. We waited for over 1 hour and saw that other people who came in 30 mins after us had already gotten their food. The manager offered us a $25 gift card but that doesn’t cover the inconvenience and time wasted for 3 people (me, my partner and his mom waited for over an hour). She told me that that was the best they could do but that was very hard to believe since usually every week, they give out 2 free meals as part of their weekly contest. Also, before getting seated: My partner, his mom and I were waiting to be seated. The waitress knew that we were next in line as I had made eye contact with her and she even said that she would be right back, we even had the menu with us already. As we waited, a gentleman went behind me to line up but that same waitress decided to seat him first. My partner spoke up and told that waitress that we were actually next in line. She didn’t apologize and just seated us on a table that was just used but was barely wiped. I will be writing another review on them via Instagram and Facebook. I will be unfollowing them and won’t go there again unless they try to make things right with us.

    Aroma Restaurant

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    405 20th St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 6X6, Canada

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