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2806 8 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0V9, Canada

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    Ben Meszaros
    April 27, 2022

    I came here solo at about 7pm. I must have absolutely nailed the timing because I was in and put in 40 minutes flat! And not because my dining experience was bad. In fact it was quite good. I had Leanne as my server who was kind, attentive and helpful. I said yes to the free biscuits which came with an awesome garlic butter. Before I could even finish the 2 biscuits that arrived my food arrived. I ordered the 12oz thrasher prime rib which was so good. So tender! I went with the Mashed potatoes for a side and elected for the side of mushrooms too. My only complaint was that the carrots from the veggies that came with it seemed a bit over cooked and mush. All in all a great dining experience and would highly recommend. They have many amazing looking items on the menu!

    Shawn Manyk
    February 05, 2022

    Enjoyed the atmosphere and this place has great service. Optional salad bar is back, nice touch. Delicious apetizers.The steak and seafood were a bit tough though, that was the only downside.

    Jennifer M
    January 13, 2023

    Excellent experience for our first time here. Showed up without reservations and we were accommodated. Our waitress was the perfect mix of attentive and giving us space. The meal was a 10/10. We both had prime rib, medium rare and it was the best we’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious! We ordered with the asparagus/hollandaise/crab on top and highly recommended. The seasonal veggies were delicious and cooked to perfection. We had escargot stuffed mushrooms and they were a great start to the meal in addition to the yummy complimentary warm buns brought to us. We ate our meal in the lounge and the atmosphere was relaxing, our drinks were replenished and we had a wonderful evening. Can’t wait to go back next time we are in town.

    Song Xiaohe
    November 16, 2021

    My friend and I ordered their restaurant’s signature: 24 OUNCE Swathers Cut, which contains a 24 ounce beef, two mashed potatoes, a side dish (mainly different kinds of carrots), and three Toast balls. 1. The service is basically no problem. A man serves us, he is very polite and can fully meet the needs of customers. 2. The beef we want is 5 minutes of ripeness. Personally, this is the best ripeness of this beef. The meat quality of the beef itself is also very good. There is only one fascia. The beef is smooth and tender, on the edge. You can eat beef fat. Butter will fill your mouth. They are great. Since we were eating slowly, we asked to reheat the beef half the time, but the taste was worse than before (this is our problem). The sauce with beef is thinner and does not cover the beef, and the salt taste is relatively light, but I think this combination is very good, because this sauce does not cover the aroma of the beef itself, it is more like Chinese food Gravy in the marinade. Different kinds of radishes are used as side dishes. They are large and older radishes. They taste a bit like fruits. They are seasonal ingredients. They are good grilled foods and can eliminate the fatigue caused by meat. As a staple food, mashed potatoes are a classic American food collocation. The taste of the potatoes themselves is still maintained after turning into mashed potatoes, which is very good. The toasted bread balls, because they were hot at first, were crispy and had a buttery fragrance, but the thyme flavor was too strong, and I doubt it was a red lobster semi-finished product sold by costco (not that the semi-finished product is not bad) , But pay attention to the restaurant itself) (This bread ball is recommended to be eaten with your hands, because they are too crisp) 3. The restaurant itself is very stylish, and the door is a warm fireplace. In Saskatoon, a warm fireplace will It greatly increases the goodwill of customers towards the restaurant when they first enter the restaurant. The overall structure of the restaurant is reasonable, the overall atmosphere is not noisy, and there is enough privacy space. The decorations on the wall let me know that the boss is a man of good taste, such as the wooden propeller. 4. In the end, the two of us spent $60. This food portion is basically enough. Compared with their beef, it is very cost-effective. 5. The reason for not getting five stars is that the restaurant does not allow drinks from outside. This is a bit of an overlord clause. For the benefit of the restaurant, I can understand it. However, before the customer leaves, the restaurant should take the initiative to return the drink to the customer, because the restaurant took the initiative to request it and take it away. Obviously, I did not get my coffee back. Summary: The overall restaurant is worth five stars. It is a good place for dates, celebrations, and delicious food, but the small details make you lose a star, and you can do better.

    Angela Lamarche
    October 05, 2022

    I believe that was the most delicious prime rib steak I have had. And looking forward to the peanut butter pie. Staff were so wonderful and welcoming. Dining alone was beautiful.

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    2806 8 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0V9, Canada

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